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AQA practicals Chemistry – water purification 

Analysis and purification of water samples from different sources, including pH, dissolved solids and distillation

Safe use of appropriate heating devices and techniques including use of a Bunsen burner and a water bath or electric heater.
Use of appropriate apparatus and techniques for the measurement of pH in different situations.
Safe use of a range of equipment to purify and/or separate chemical mixtures including evaporation, distillation

Apply a knowledge of a range of techniques, instruments, apparatus, and materials to select those appropriate to the experiment.
Carry out experiments appropriately having due regard for the correct manipulation of apparatus, the accuracy of measurements and health and safety considerations.
Recognise when to apply a knowledge of sampling techniques to ensure any samples collected are representative.
Make and record observations and measurements using a range of apparatus and methods.
Evaluate methods and suggest possible improvements and further investigations.

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