AQA practicals Chemistry – temperature changes in reacting solutions 

Investigate the variables that affect temperature changes in reacting solutions such as, eg acid plus metals, acid plus carbonates, neutralisations, displacement of metals.

Use of appropriate apparatus to make and record a range of measurements accurately, including mass, temperature, and volume of liquids.
Use of appropriate apparatus and techniques for conducting and monitoring chemical reactions.
Making and recording of appropriate observations during chemical reactions including changes in temperature.
Safe use and careful handling of gases, liquids and solids, including careful mixing of reagents under controlled conditions, using appropriate apparatus to explore chemical changes.

Use scientific theories and explanations to develop hypotheses.
Plan experiments or devise procedures to make observations, produce or characterise a substance, test hypotheses, check data or explore phenomena.
Apply a knowledge of a range of techniques, instruments, apparatus, and materials to select those appropriate to the experiment.
Carry out experiments appropriately having due regard for the correct manipulation of apparatus, the accuracy of measurements and health and safety considerations.
Make and record observations and measurements using a range of apparatus and methods.
Evaluate methods and suggest possible improvements and further investigations.
Recognise and use expressions in decimal form.
Use an appropriate number of significant figures.
Find arithmetic means.
Translate information between graphical and numeric form.
Plot two variables from experimental or other data.

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