AQA practicals – Osmosis

Details: Investigate the effect of a range of concentrations of salt or sugar solutions on the mass of plant tissue.

Use appropriate apparatus to record mass and time.
Use appropriate apparatus and techniques to observe and measure the process of osmosis.
Measure the rate of osmosis by water uptake.


Use the theory of osmosis to create hypotheses on plant tissue.
Plan experiments to test hypotheses.
Have due regard for accuracy of measurements and health and safety.
Make and record observations and measurements of mass.
Evaluate the method and suggest possible improvements and further investigations.
Present observations and other data in graphical form.
Translate mass data into graphical form.
Use simple compound measures of rate of water uptake.
Use percentages and calculate percentage gain and loss of mass of plant tissue.
Find mean mass of plant tissue.
Plot, draw and interpret appropriate graphs.

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