OCR GCSE Gateway Science

OCR GCSE Gateway Science (J261)

This course includes the first science modules taken (core science). There are two modules for each science – Biology B1 and B2, Chemistry C1 and C2 and Physics P1 and P2. These are assessed by two exam papers counting together for 75% of the total marks. As usual, there is a controlled assessment (practical) which accounts for the remaining 25% of the total marks.

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Course content

B1:  Understanding Organisms
~ Fitness and health
~ Human health and diet
~ Staying healthy
~ Drugs and you
~ Staying in balance
~ Controlling plant growth
~ Variation and inheritance

C1: Carbon Chemistry
~ Making crude oil useful
~ Using carbon fuels
~ Clean air
~ Making polymers
~ Designer polymers
~ Cooking and food additives
~ Smells
~ Paints and pigments

P1:  Energy For The Home
~ Heating houses
~ Keeping homes warm
~ A spectrum of waves
~ Light and lasers
~ Cooking and communicating using waves
~ Data transmission
~ Wireless signals
~ Stable earth

B2:  Understanding Our Environment
~ Classification
~ Energy flow
~ Recycling
~ Interdependence
~ Adaptations
~ Natural selection
~ Population and pollution
~ Sustainability

C2:  Chemical Resources
~ The structure of the earth
~ Construction materials
~ Metals and alloys
~ Making cars
~ Manufacturing chemicals: making ammonia
~ Acids and bases
~ Fertilisers and crop yields
~ Chemicals from the sea: the chemistry of sodium chloride

P2:  Living For The Future
~ Collecting energy from the sun
~ Generating electricity
~ Global warming
~ Fuels for power
~ Nuclear radiations
~ Exploring our Solar System
~ Threats to Earth
~ The Big Bang

U nit B713
Controlled assessment

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