OCR GCSE Gateway Physics

OCR GCSE Gateway Physics

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Link to the OCR webpage for this course.
Link to the course specification.

Exam dates for summer 2014

Paper 1 – P1, P2, P3: June 10th.
Paper 2 – P4, P5, P6: June 19th.

Course content

P1:  Energy For The Home
~ Heating houses
~ Keeping homes warm
~ A spectrum of waves
~ Light and lasers
~ Cooking and communicating using waves
~ Data transmission
~ Wireless signals
~ Stable earth

P2:  Living For The Future
~ Collecting energy from the sun
~ Generating electricity
~ Global warming
~ Fuels for power
~ Nuclear radiations
~ Exploring our Solar System
~ Threats to Earth
~ The Big Bang

P3:   Forces For Transport
~ Speed
~ Changing speed
~ Forces and motion
~ Work and power
~ Energy on the move
~ Crumple zones
~ Falling safely
~ The energy of games and theme rides

P4:  Radiation For Life
~ Sparks
~ Uses of electrostatics
~ Safe electricals
~ Ultrasound
~ What is radioactivity?
~ Uses of radioisotopes
~ Treatment
~ Fission and fusion

P5: Space for reflection
~ Satellites, gravity and circular motion
~ Vectors and equations of motion
~ Projectile motion
~ Action and reaction
~ Satellite communication
~ Nature of waves
~ Refraction of waves
~ Optics

P6: Electricity for gadgets
~ Resisting
~ Sharing
~ It’s logical
~ Even more logical
~ Motoring
~ Generating
~ Transforming
~ Charging


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