OCR GCSE Gateway Chemistry

OCR GCSE Gateway Chemistry

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Course content

C1: Carbon Chemistry
~ Making crude oil useful
~ Using carbon fuels
~ Clean air
~ Making polymers
~ Designer polymers
~ Cooking and food additives
~ Smells
~ Paints and pigments

C2:  Chemical Resources
~ The structure of the earth
~ Construction materials
~ Metals and alloys
~ Making cars
~ Manufacturing chemicals: making ammonia
~ Acids and bases
~ Fertilisers and crop yields
~ Chemicals from the sea: the chemistry of sodium chloride

C3:   Chemical Economics
~ Rate of reaction
~ Reacting masses
~ Percentage yield and atom economy
~ Energy
~ Batch of continuous?
~ Allotropes of carbon and nanochemistry

C4:  The Periodic Table
~ Atomic structure
~ Ionic bonding
~ The periodic table and covalent bonding
~ The group 1 elements
~ The group 7 elements
~ Transition elements
~ Metal structure and properties
~ Purifying and testing water

C5: How much? (Quantitative Analysis)
~ Moles and molar mass
~ Percentage composition and empirical formula
~ Quantitative analysis
~ Titrations
~ Gas volumes
~ Equilibria
~ Strong and weak acids
~ Ionic equations and precipitation

C6: Chemistry out there
~ Electrolysis
~ Energy transfers – fuel cells
~ Redox reactions
~ Alcohols
~ Depletion of the ozone layer
~ Hardness of water
~ Natural fats and oils
~ Detergents


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