OCR GCSE 21st Century Physics

OCR GCSE 21st Century Physics

Physics, like Chemistry and Biology, consists of three written papers. They cover the topics from the modules from Core Science (P1, P2, P3) , Additional Science (P4, P5, P6) and Further Applied Science (P7). A controlled assessment tests practical skills.

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Course content

P1: The Earth in the Universe Module

• What do we know about the place of the Earth in the Universe?
• What do we know about the Earth and how it is changing?

P2: Radiation and life Module

• What types of electromagnetic radiation are there? What happens when radiation hits an object?
• Which types of electromagnetic radiation harm living tissue and why?
• What is the evidence for global warming, why might it be occurring, and how serious a threat is it?
• How are electromagnetic waves used in communications?

P3: Sustainable energy

• How much energy do we use?
• How can electricity be generated?
• Which energy sources should we choose?

P4 – Explaining motion
~ How can we describe motion?
~ What are forces?
~ What is the connection between forces and motion?

P5 – Electric circuits
~ Electric current – a flow of what?
~ What determines the size of the current in an electric circuit and the energy it transfers?
~ How do parallel and series circuits work?
~ How is mains electricity produced? How are voltages and currents induced?
~ How do electric motors work?

P6 – Radioactive materials
~ Why are some materials radioactive?
~ How can radioactive materials be used and handled safely, including wastes?

P7 – Studying the Universe

~ Naked eye astronomy
~ Light, telescopes and images
~ Mapping the Universe
~ The Sun, the stars and their surroundings
~ The astronomy community

Unit PCA: Physics controlled assessment

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