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This new GCSE course consists of what used to be called the extension (third) modules of the individual sciences. There is no new content. The purpose of this is to allow students who wish to get three science GCSEs to have the option of doing the three at different times (Core Science, Additional Science and Further Additional) rather than with Biology, Chemistry and Physics where all the modules of each science have to be done at the same time. So you end up with three GCSEs, but called Science, Additional and Further Additional instead of Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

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Link to the Course specification.

Course content:

B5: The Living Body
~ Skeletons
~ Circulatory systems and the cardiac cycle
~ Running repairs
~ Respiratory systems
~ Digestion
~ Waste disposal
~ Life goes on
~ Growth and repair

C5: How much? (Quantitative Analysis)
~ Moles and molar mass
~ Percentage composition and empirical formula
~ Quantitative analysis
~ Titrations
~ Gas volumes
~ Equilibria
~ Strong and weak acids
~ Ionic equations and precipitation

P5: Space for reflection
~ Satellites, gravity and circular motion
~ Vectors and equations of motion
~ Projectile motion
~ Action and reaction
~ Satellite communication
~ Nature of waves
~ Refraction of waves
~ Optics

 B6: Beyond the microscope
~ Understanding microbes
~ Harmful microorganisms
~ Useful microorganisms
~ Biofuels
~ Life in soil
~ Microscopic life in water
~ Enzymes in action
~ Gene technology

C6: Chemistry out there
~ Electrolysis
~ Energy transfers – fuel cells
~ Redox reactions
~ Alcohols
~ Depletion of the ozone layer
~ Hardness of water
~ Natural fats and oils
~ Detergents

P6: Electricity for gadgets
~ Resisting
~ Sharing
~ It’s logical
~ Even more logical
~ Motoring
~ Generating
~ Transforming
~ Charging

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