OCR Gateway Additional Science – J262

OCR GCSE Gateway Additional Science – (J262)

There are two modules for each science – Biology B3 and B4, Chemistry C3 and C4 and Physics P3 and P4, leading on from the core science modules. These modules are assessed by two exam papers counting together for 75% of the total marks.

As usual, there is a controlled assessment (practical) which accounts for the remaining 25% of the total marks.

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Course content

B3:  Living And Growing
~ Molecules of life
~ Proteins and mutations
~ Respiration
~ Cell division
~ The circulatory system
~ Growth and development
~ New genes for old
~ Cloning

C3:   Chemical Economics
~ Rate of reaction
~ Reacting masses
~ Percentage yield and atom economy
~ Energy
~ Batch of continuous?
~ Allotropes of carbon and nanochemistry

P3:   Forces For Transport
~ Speed
~ Changing speed
~ Forces and motion
~ Work and power
~ Energy on the move
~ Crumple zones
~ Falling safely
~ The energy of games and theme rides

B4:  It’s A Green World
~ Ecology in the local envronment
~ Photosynthesis
~ Leaves and photosynthesis
~ Diffusion and osmosis
~ Transport in plants
~ Plants need minerals
~ Decay
~ Farming

C4:  The Periodic Table
~ Atomic structure
~ Ionic bonding
~ The periodic table and covalent bonding
~ The group 1 elements
~ The group 7 elements
~ Transition elements
~ Metal structure and properties
~ Purifying and testing water

P4:  Radiation For Life
~ Sparks
~ Uses of electrostatics
~ Safe electricals
~ Ultrasound
~ What is radioactivity?
~ Uses of radioisotopes
~ Treatment
~ Fission and fusion

~ Controlled assessment

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