OCR 21st Century Further Additional Science

About this course

This new GCSE course consists of what used to be called the extension (third) modules of the individual sciences. There is no new content. The purpose of this is to allow students who wish to get three science GCSEs to have the option of doing the three at different times (Core Science, Additional Science and Further Additional) rather than with Biology, Chemistry and Physics where all the modules of each science have to be done at the same time. So you end up with three GCSEs, but called Science, Additional and Further Additional instead of Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

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Course content

B7 – Using biology
~ Control systems
~ Behaviour
~ Biotechnology

C7 – Chemistry in action
~ Qualitative analysis
~ Quantitative analysis
~ Electrolytic processes
~ Gases, equilibria and ammonia
~ Organic chemistry

P7 – Studying the Universe
~ Naked eye astronomy
~ Light, telescopes and images
~ Mapping the Universe
~ The Sun, the stars and their surroundings
~ The astronomy community

Controlled assessment.

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