Edexcel GCSE Science

Edexcel GCSE Science

This is the core science course usually taken in year 9 or 10.

Specification. Contains details of course topics and structure and how it’s administered.

Exam papers, marking schemes and examiners’ reports.

Course Content

Unit B1: Influences on life
Topic 1 Classification, variation and inheritance
Topic 2 Responses to a changing environment
Topic 3 Problems of, and solutions to a changing environment

Unit C1: Chemistry in our world
Topic 1 The Earth’s sea and atmosphere
Topic 2 Materials from the Earth
Topic 3 Acids
Topic 4 Obtaining and using metals
Topic 5 Fuels

Unit P1: Universal physics
Topic 1 Visible light and the Solar System
Topic 2 The electromagnetic spectrum
Topic 3 Waves and the Universe
Topic 4 Waves and the Earth
Topic 5 Generation and transmission of electricity
Topic 6 Energy and the future

Unit SCA: Controlled assessment.

In this unit, candidates use a range of practical skills and knowledge in one investigation chosen from those supplied by Edexcel.

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