Edexcel GCSE Chemistry

Edexcel GCSE Chemistry

Chemistry, like Biology and Physics, consists of three units from the Science, Additional Science and Further Additional Science courses, along with a controlled assessment. All three written exams have to be taken at the same time at the end of the course.

Link to the course specification.
Link to exam papers and reports.

Exam dates for summer 2014

C1: May 15th.
C2: June 10th.
C3: June 19th.
The controlled assessment can be taken at any time during the course.

Course content

Unit C1: Chemistry in our world
Topic 1 The Earth’s sea and atmosphere
Topic 2 Materials from the Earth
Topic 3 Acids
Topic 4 Obtaining and using metals
Topic 5 Fuels

Unit C2: Discovering chemistry

Topic 1  Atomic structure and the periodic table
Topic 2  Ionic compounds and analysis
Topic 3  Covalent compounds and separation techniques
Topic 4  Groups in the periodic table
Topic 5  Chemical reactions
Topic 6  Quantitative chemistry

Unit C3: Chemistry in action

Topic 1 Qualitative analysis
Topic 2 Quantitative analysis
Topic 3 Electrolytic processes
Topic 4 Gases, equilibria and ammonia
Topic 5 Organic chemistry

Unit CCA: Chemistry controlled assessment


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