Edexcel Science GCSE courses

Edexcel GCSE Science Courses

Science GCSE is changing to new courses this year (2016 / 2017).

If you are starting science GCSE this year (2016/2017) then you’ll be taking one of the new science courses.

If you are halfway through your science GCSE this year, then you’ll carry on with one of the old courses such as Additional Science, Further Additional Science or Triple Science.

Details of all the new Edexcel GCSEs are on their science GCSE website.

New Edexcel Science courses

Here are the main points:

Totally exam-based. There is no practical exam, although you have to do certain practicals in school.
Four basic courses, Biology, Chemistry, Physics and combined (double) science. So no core, additional and further additional.
All courses are linear – that is you take the exam once, at the end of the course. That means that the first exam will be in the summer of 2018.

Here are links to my pages that describe each of the new courses, along with the course codes:

Combined science (1SC0)
Biology (1BI0)
Chemistry (1CH0)
Physics (1PH0)


Old GCSE science courses offered by Edexcel with links to details of content.

Science (core science): usually taken in year 10, although you may start some modules in year 9. Gives you one GCSE.

Additional science: Optional – for those taking science further. Gives you a second GCSE.

Further Additional Science: Consisting of the three extension modules from the individual sciences.

Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Separate (triple) sciences. These include the relevant modules from Science, Additional Science and Further Additional Science.

 Link to the Edexcel exam board GCSE Science webpage.

The Exams

The exam papers for each course have the same format. Each lasts one hour and is marked out of 60.
Whether you’re taking Biology Paper 1, Chemistry Paper 2 or Physics Paper 3, the question papers look similar to each
Each paper has six questions. They get a little more difficult from Q1 through to Q6.
The first couple of questions in the paper will be about eight marks long, the next two will be about 10 marks long and the last two will be about 12 marks long.

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