AQA GCSE Science B (4500)

AQA GCSE Science B

This is the Core Science GCSE, usually taken in year 10, sometimes in year 9. It is one of two paths to AQA Science, the other being Science A. They cover the same content, but in a different way, and the exams are organised differently.

Science B covers the same content as Science A, but it is ‘mixed up’ in a different way. It aims to give students an understanding of how Science affects and applies to everyday life by putting Science in context. The Biology, Chemistry and Physics content is integrated to show how Science is everywhere in our lives.

Links to more information:

Main AQA page for Science B.

The course specification. Contains details of course content and structure and how it is administered.

Exam papers.

Course Content

Unit 1 My World

3.3.1 Theme 1: My wider world Our changing universe Our changing planet Materials our planet provides Using materials from our planet to make products

3.3.2 Theme 2: Life on our planet Life on our planet Biomass and energy flow through the biosphere The importance of carbon

Unit 2 My Family and Home

3.4.1 Theme 1: My family Control of body systems Chemistry in action in the body Human inheritance and genetic disorders

3.4.2 Theme 2: My home Materials used to construct our homes Fuels for cooking, heating and transport Generation and distribution of electricity

3.4.3 Theme 3: My property The cost of running appliances in the home Electromagnetic waves in the home

Unit 3 Making my world a better place

3.5.1 Theme 1: Improving health and wellbeing The use (and misuse) of drugs The use of vaccines The use of ionising radiation in medicine

3.5.2 Theme 2: Making and improving products Uses of electroplating Developing new products Selective breeding and genetic engineering

3.5.3 Theme 3: Improving our environment Environmental concerns when making and using products Saving energy in the home Controlling pollution in the home

Unit 4 – Controlled assessment

In this unit, candidates use a range of practical skills and knowledge in one investigation chosen from those supplied by AQA.

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