AQA GCSE Chemistry (4402)

AQA GCSE Chemistry

Chemistry, like Physics and Biology, consists of three units from the Science (B1), Additional Science (B2) and Further Additional Science(B3) courses, along with a controlled assessment (practical). All three written exams have to be taken at the same time at the end of the course.

Link to the AQA exam board’s Chemistry page. The course specification, practice exam papers and more.

Course content

Unit 1

C1.1 The fundamental ideas in chemistry
C1.2 Limestone and building materials
C1.3 Metals and their uses
C1.4 Crude oil and fuels
C1.5 Other useful substances from crude oil
C1.6 Plant oils and their uses
C1.7 Changes in the Earth and its atmosphere

Unit 2

C2.1 Structure and bonding
C2.2 How structure influences the properties and uses of substances
C2.3 Atomic structure, analysis and quantitative chemistry
C2.4 Rates of reaction
C2.5 Exothermic and endothermic reactions
C2.6 Acids, bases and salts
C2.7 Electrolysis

Unit 3

C3.1 The periodic table
C3.2 Water
C3.3 Calculating and explaining energy changes
C3.4 Further analysis and quantitative chemistry
C3.5 The production of ammonia
C3.6 Alcohols, carboxylic acids and esters

Unit 4 – Controlled Assessment:

In this unit, candidates use a range of practical skills and knowledge in one investigation chosen from those supplied by AQA.

2 Responses to AQA GCSE Chemistry (4402)

  1. hayley December 21, 2012 at 1:15 pm #

    Hi – i’m in year 10 and in set 1 for science so automatically i am doing triple science, my exams are in january (core i think) and i dont know what topics to revise on for chemistry. Above it says the topics under core science, so i was wondering should i revise for them and additional science?

    • Bob Foster December 21, 2012 at 1:37 pm #

      Hi – I’m a bit confused. Your teacher should know what you need to revise!!!! And the topics will be listed in your textbook. Your exam entry form will tell you exactly which exams you’re entered for. I assume you’re doing the AQA core science modules B1, C1 and P1? Maybe you’ll be doing one or more additional science topics (B2, C2, P2) in the summer and the others, plus the extension modules (B3, C3, P3) in 2014?
      The topics I’ve listed on the website are up-to-date, so you could use those if you’re sure that’s the exam your taking, but your textbook is your main resource. The AQA website has sample papers and mark schemes –
      If in doubt, ask your teacher. If you can’t, call your exams officer – if they’re not away for Christmas!

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