AQA GCSE Biology (4401)

AQA GCSE Biology

Biology, like Chemistry and Physics, consists of three units from the Science (B1), Additional Science (B2) and Further Additional Science(B3) courses, along with a controlled assessment (practical). All three written exams have to be taken at the same time at the end of the course.

Link to the AQA exam board’s Biology page.  The course specification, practice exam papers and more.

Course content

Unit 1 – Topics from (Core) Science:

B1.1 Keeping healthy
B1.2 Nerves and hormones
B1.3 The use and abuse of drugs
B1.4 Interdependence and adaptation
B1.5 Energy and biomass in food chains
B1.6 Waste materials from plants and animals
B1.7 Genetic variation and its control
B1.8 Evolution

Unit 2 – Topics from Additional Science:

B2.1 Cells and simple cell transport
B2.2 Tissues, organs and organ systems
B2.3 Photosynthesis
B2.4 Organisms and their environment
B2.5 Proteins – their functions and uses
B2.6 Aerobic and anaerobic respiration
B2.7 Cell division and inheritance
B2.8 Speciation

Unit 3 – Topics from Further Additional Science:

B3.1 Movement of molecules in and out of cells
B3.2 Transport systems in plants and animals
B3.3 Homeostasis
B3.4 Humans and their environment

Unit 4 – Controlled Assessment:

In this unit, candidates use a range of practical skills and knowledge in one investigation chosen from those supplied by AQA.

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