AQA Combined Science GCSE – Synergy (8465)

AQA Combined Science GCSE – Synergy (8465)

This is one of two new double  GCSE courses from AQA which starts in the Autumn of 2016.

The course is assessed by exam only – no practical exam, although you have to do certain practicals in school.
It is a linear course, like all science GCSEs now, which means that you take the exam once, at the end of the course. The first exam will be in the summer of 2018.

There are four papers covering topics from across the range (below): two on life and environmental sciences, and two on physical sciences.

Subject content

  • 1. Building blocks
  • 2. Transport over larger distances
  • 3. Interactions with the environment
  • 4. Explaining change
  • 5. Building blocks for understanding
  • 6. Interactions over small and large distances
  • 7. Movement and interactions
  • 8. Guiding Spaceship Earth towards a sustainable future
  • 9. Key ideas
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