Science GCSE resits confusion

I’ve just had a question from a parent about GCSE resits and so I thought I’d explain what’s happening.

This parent has a daughter in year 9 and the school has decided to enter her for one of the core science GCSE modules this year, despite the class getting ungraded in their mocks. She was concerned because she heard that the new GCSE rules stated that there were no re-takes, so what’s the point in doing a modules early when you’re not ready?

Good question!

First things first. All GCSE that being examined for the first time in summer 2014 will be linear – no modules, just a final exam like the old O-levels. And therefore, no re-sits, although of course you can retake the course, which amounts to the same thing. You can take a complete GCSE as many times as you want. Modules for the present courses can be re-taken once.

If your son or daughter is now in year 9 and the school has decided to enter them for one or more modules of core science, they will then complete the other modules plus the internal assessment next year and complete in summer 2013. During this year they will be able to retake any modules that they’ve already sat, whether they were taken this year or next.The point is that core science is a one year course, so year 9 students will complete it in 2013, not 2014 when everything becomes linear.

This issue only applies to this year though. Next year, year 9s may start to study their core science topics but they’ll sit a linear exam in summer 2014.

Is it a good idea to take modules this year in year 9?

This is a hot topic amongst teachers with strong views either way. Just think of the exams as mocks, because you’ll have the chance for a re-take next year.

I’m firing this blog off quickly and could say more. Please comment, ask questions, correct me if you think what I’ve said isn’t clear



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