OCR maths gcseOCR Maths GCSE

Key points:

  • There is just one GCSE Maths course offered by OCR (code J560)
  • The exam consists of three papers taken at either foundation or higher tiers. All three must be taken at the same tier.
  • Paper 1 is non-calculator; a calculator is allowed in papers 2 and 3.
  • Each paper is 1 hour and 30 minutes long.
  • Each paper has a range of question types; some questions will be set in both mathematical and non-mathematical contexts.
  • Exams are taken in the summer. Students who are 16 years of age or over may take the exams in November.
  • The qualification will be graded and certificated on a nine-grade scale from 9 to 1 using the total mark across all three papers where 9 is the highest grade. Individual papers are not graded.
  • Foundation tier: grades 1 to 5.
  • Higher tier: grades 4 to 9 (grade 3 allowed)
  • Mathematical formulae will be provided directly in each question when relevant, rather than on a formulae sheet at the front of the paper where candidates would then have to identify and choose the correct formula from.

For more about this course go to the OCR GCSE maths webpage.

Exam papers:

I’ll be adding these shortly…

Below is a video, mainly directed at teachers, that explains the OCR Maths course.

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