Keeping up to date with school

Keeping up to date with school

The more you keep up to date, the more you will feel part of the school community and the less likely you will be to miss something important. You can do this in a number of ways – here are two suggestions:

Read through the school’s website regularly.

Note important dates and any changes. You might happen to read about an interesting event that your child didn’t know about, or a new club. Maybe there are changes in staff – that’s quite common!

Get involved with school.

There are many things you could do depending on how much time you can spare, such as joining the Parent Teachers Association or volunteering at school events.

Look around the school website for ideas. Any involvement will help you keep in touch with both staff and other parents. Meeting staff at events after school is a great way to build good relationships and get on first-name terms. And you can often get to ask the questions you had, but didn’t get around to, at parent’s evenings. Talking to other parents can give you confidence that you’re not alone as well as an opportunity for sharing tips and keeping up with school gossip.

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