Home Schooling

Home Schooling

Being educated at home, outside the normal education system, is becoming more and more popular. It is perfectly legal. The big question is how do you take exams?

Some GCSE courses at school involve some form of controlled assessment or coursework, which is difficult to manage at home without a qualified teacher. This is not now true for the new Science GCSEs amd Maths. In theory, the regular GCSE Science exams could be taken by private candidates. But they would be at a disadvantage because 15% of the exams relates to the compulsory practicals that schools now have to perform. Also, there is no core or additional GCSE, just double science (double the work!) and the single sciences.

The simplest way to get a single Science GCSE is to take the International GCSE (iGCSE), which consists solely of exam papers at the end of the course.

Regular Maths GCSE is now a double award (twice the work), so if you just want a single GCSE Maths, then taking the International GCSE is the way to go.

There are two providers of the International GCSE courses in the UK, Edexcel and Cambridge. I find that the Cambridge courses are more demanding. Finding a local exam centre in order to take the exams is usually not a problem. On this website I give brief descriptions of  the maths and science courses for both exam boards. Nearly half of my private students are taking iGCSE maths or science.

Let me know if you’d like more information about home-schooling. Here are links to more information:

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Exam board websites:

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  • Hello
    I am homeschooling my 14yr old girls using private tutors . My question is one of my giris does not like chemistry & physics , would she be able just study biology for her Gcse science exam? Thank you for your advice

    • Yes, you can do anything you like if you home school. Your exam centre will give you all the details.


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