Edexcel iGCSE Maths

Edexcel International GCSE Maths

The iGCSE Maths course is harder than normal GCSEs. It involves some topics that are normally studied at AS level, such as differentiation, sets and functions. The exam can be taken in the Summer or in January. There are two papers, each of 2 hours counting for 50% each. The exam can be taken at Foundation tier (maximum grade C) or higher tier.

Link to the course specification.
Link to Edexcel iGCSE Maths webpage.

Exam dates for 2014

Paper 1 – 10th
Paper 2 -15th

Paper 1 – 14th
Paper 2 – 20th

Course content

See the specification (link above) for more details

 Use numerical skills in a purely mathematical way and in real-life situations.

 Use letters as equivalent to numbers and as variables.
 Understand the distinction between expressions, equations and formulae.
 Use algebra to set up and solve problems.
 Demonstrate manipulative skills.
 Construct and use graphs.

 Use properties of angles.
 Understand a range of transformations.
 Work within the metric system.
 Understand ideas of space and shape.
 Use ruler, compasses and protractor appropriately.

 Understand basic ideas of statistical averages.
 Use a range of statistical techniques.
 Use basic ideas of probability.

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