Create a good study space at home

Create a good study space at home

It is important that your son or daughter is able to focus and concentrate on their studies without distractions. The ideal place is usually their own room, modified to make part of it into a study.

Have a place that is devoted just to study.

If it’s the bedroom, have a desk which is devoted just to schoolwork. You may not have a space that you can devote to study; some bedrooms are too small to study at all. If so, find another place in the house which can be used and make an agreement that there will be no distractions at certain times. If all of this is not possible, then you must find a space outside the home, such as a library or friend’s house.

Make sure that all study resources are in one place and can be found quickly.

That means getting organised – having a place for each subject and similar ways of organising each subject. This includes text books and revise guides, class notes and worksheets, revision notes, coursework, print-outs from the computer, and so on. Have notes organised according to topic, so that everything to do with a topic is in one place.

Deal with distractions.

Don’t have the T.V. on. Don’t have loud music on, or music with lyrics. Lyrics, especially, are very difficult not to be aware of.  Many people say they like having music on while they work, but the fact is that part of your brain will be listening no it matter how hard you’re concentrating. Experiment by reducing the volume graduallyl – getting used to less and less.

Create a comfortable atmosphere.

Let some air into the room – a stuffy atmosphere can send you to sleep. Keep the temperature cool; it’s much better to be too cold than too hot. Invest in natural-light light-bulbs. They are not expensive and are more comfortable. Artificial light is, well, artificial; the brain prefers natural.

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