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Should you say that you were bad at maths?

Do you tell your son or daughter that you were no good at maths? Maths is different. It seems that many people – often very successful people – like to claim that they were no good at maths. It’s often said with a sense almost of pride! Why is it that is seems socially acceptable […]

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Building confidence and motivation – a simple idea that makes a big difference

Do you know how to motivate your child to study? Can you help to build their confidence in their ability to learn and remember? It’s not easy! In this post I want to share some experiences that may help. First of all, why do children loose confidence and motivation? There are, of course, many reasons, […]

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You as a role model for your teenager – video

Here’s a thought-provoking video about parents as role models for their children. Do you see yourself as a role model? If you are a strong role model, does this mean your teenager can’t be their ‘own person’? Are you aware of your strengths and weaknesses and the effect these have on your child?

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